Angela Perkins, an actress, director and founder of Out The Ordinary Production. Angela's first production titled To Feel Loved was scheduled to film in late March 2020, but was postponed by a Pandemic that hit the nation rapidly. Later in 2020, she decided to film the project. Angela's first two short films were selected to several film festivals and won Best Family Short and a Silver and Gold Remi Award in 2021 and 2022 . She was ready to touch lives on a personal level by bringing real life issues to the stage and on film. Her stage play, To Feel Loved was a success. There are two other writers that are apart of the project Sandra Basey and Detrah Brown.

Angela began her career in Theater.  Her acting breakthrough came with her role as Earnestine in AWJ's Root of Good Men.  She won best supporting actress.  Angela decided in addition to Theater acting she wanted to take her career further in film/tv. She started her acting career in 2010 from there she met a director and the rest is history.  Angela didn't choose acting but acting chose her and after being on stage for a few years, her passion for acting began. A piece of advice she will always remember is to put in the work, focus, be teachable and be ready. That's something she lives by.  Perkins biggest success is, overcoming obstacles that were put in her path to try and knock her down.  She has worked with several directors in Houston, who has made a great impact in her life.